Coming from the Basel-Mulhouse airport

A bi-national airport

Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport is a bi-national airport located on French soil, but managed by both France and Switzerland. This is a VERY IMPORTANT point, because your flight will leave from one or the other sector depending on the airline. For example, easyJet always operates from the Swiss sector.

From which sector does my flight leave?

This will be indicated on your ticket. If this is not the case, check the airport screens and look for the hall that corresponds to your flight. Some halls are in the French sector, others in the Swiss sector. Just follow the signs.

Is it possible to move from one sector to another in the airport?

Yes, on the second floor (British : first floor) of the terminal (departures). On arrival, you will have to choose an exit, either to the French sector or to the Swiss sector. If you made a mistake, go up to departures and correct it. This is an "open border".

Rental cars

When you rent your car, decide in which sector you want to pick up the vehicle. The price can change from one area to another. If you are going to Alsace or the Black Forest, it is best to pick up the car in the French sector  to avoid wasting time and even paying the Swiss toll (about 40 Swiss francs).

Guided tours in English in Strasbourg, Colmar and in Alsace

Airport shuttle ↔️ Saint-Louis train station

The Saint-Louis train station (French: Gare de Saint-Louis) connects the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport with Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse. Basel and Freiburg are also connected by train, but there are cheaper and faster alternatives (see below).

Getting to Basel

Leave the terminal on the Swiss side (follow Ausgang Schweiz) and take shuttle bus 50 to BASEL SBB


This bus terminates at Basel Central Station, 20 min; 6.10 Swiss francs.

The bus ticket is purchased from the driver.

Getting to Mulhouse, Colmar or Strasbourg

To get to one of the main cities in Alsace, you have two options:


Option A. Leave the terminal on the French side (follow Sortie France) and take shuttle bus 11 to SAINT-LOUIS GARE, 10 min ; €2.50. The ticket can be purchased on the bus.

  • From there, take a TER Fluo train towards STRASBOURG and get off at Mulhouse, Colmar or Strasbourg.

Option B. Leave the terminal on the French side (follow Sortie France) :

  • take a FlixBus to Strasbourg about 3 hours; from €9 to €30 ;
  • or to Colmar, 1h15; €6.
Price €6,90 €14,60 €25,80
Travel time 10 min 35 min 1h07

Getting to Freiburg im Breisgau

There are two ways to get to the Black Forest capital:


Option A. Leave the terminal from the French side (follow Sortie France) and take a FlixBus to Freiburg, 55 min ; €24 ;


Option B. Follow the instructions to get to Basel (see above). 

  • Once in BASEL SBB, take streetcar 2 towards EGLISEE or RIEHEN DORF.
  • Get off at the BASEL BAD BF, 30 min ; 6,10 Swiss francs (price and duration from the airport; same ticket).
  • Take a train to FREIBURG(BREISGAU) HBF 40 min ; €18 (price and duration from Basel to Freiburg).