Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about me and my business or about the Alsace region. If you have a specific question about a tour, please check the tour page before contacting me. 

About me

What is a tour guide?

The tour guide is a professional who interprets the cultural, historical, natural and gastronomic heritage of a region and who holds a specific qualification issued and recognized by the competent authorities. In France, this accreditation is issued to people with at least a Bachelor's degree in one of the specialties related to the profession (languages, tourism, history, archaeology, etc.) The license is issued by the Department of Culture via the State offices. 

Why don't you offer "free tours"?

Because being a guide is a profession that, in addition to the corresponding accreditation, requires years of study, general and specific knowledge, a lot of energy, passion, great skills, flexibility, adaptability and great enthusiasm. As any other job, it deserves to be decently remunerated.

Recently, the so-called "free" tours, based on misleading advertising, contribute to professional intrusion and tax evasion. They give a misleading image of the destination, due to the fictitious or incorrect information they give to the visitors, for which the customer pays as much or even more than if he were on an official tour

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur", Red Adair.

General Questions

In what languages are the tours and excursions proposed?

All tours and excursions can be taken in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese

Don't forget to let me know your choice when booking. 

Can the tours take place inside museums or monuments?

I can give tours inside museums and monuments, because I hold the professional license of tour guide issued by the Department of Culture of the French Republic. However, some museums or monuments may require that the tour be conducted by one of their mediators or cultural guides. 

Is the entrance to the Strasbourg cathedral free?

Yes, as for all the churches in France. However, you should know that for the tours inside the cathedral (only possible with a cathedral approved guide), the group must be equipped with a voice transmission system (audioguide, earpiece, etc.). You can reserve it with the company Batorama for €1,90/person. 

Is transportation included in the tours and excursions?

No. The transportation service is a distinct service, and you will need to book it by yourself. I can give you a hand and suggest partner companies. For excursions, you have the option of hiring a private driver (VTC), whose price varies between €250 (half day) and €400 (full day), renting a vehicle with a maximum of 9 seats, which your guide could drive, or booking a minibus/coach if the group is larger.

Is the guide's lunch included in the price?

No. You will have to include the guide as an extra guest (in the case of full-day tours). If you do not wish to include the guide in the group meal, you will be charged an additional €19.90.

Do you have any organized tours I could join?

All my tours are private, tailor-made for each client. I cannot include people from outside the group that has booked me. In case of unavailability, I can find or recommend the services of a colleague.

How many participants are accepted per group?

The ideal number of participants is 20, so that everyone can comfortably listen to the guide and follow the tour. For larger groups, it is possible to accommodate up to 30 people (with a tolerance of 5), if you have an audio transmission system (audioguide). 

Am I insured during a bike tour?

If the service is covered by the guide's professional liability insurance, the ride itself is the personal responsibility of each participant.

About Alsace

How to get around in Alsace ?

It is easy to travel between the main cities of the region (Strasbourg, Colmar, Sélestat, Obernai...) thanks to the TER train. Trains run frequently on the main lines, which makes it possible to travel quickly and cheaply. For example, the trip from Strasbourg to Colmar takes about 30 minutes and costs €13.60/adult/one way.

To visit small towns and villages, you will need private transportation, or you can use intercity buses, but some lines are not very busy and do not serve the entire territory.