Welcome to Alsace

« Overly German » or « Overly French » these are the comments we can listen from our visitors. This is an unique land in the Rhine Valley where the Germanic culture meets the Romance one.


A coveted land by two of the most powerful nations in Western Europe, which leaved their influence on local culture, architecture, traditions and speech. Today, it's proud of its European vocation on the heart of the Rhineland region and its capital city is the parliamentarian capital of the European Union.


Do you want to discover this land with a Qualified Tour(ist) Guide? So, come with me! You won't regret it! 

Who am I?

My name is Ivan, I am a graduated and a qualified guide by the French government's Tourism and Culture departments, and I basically work in Alsace region. 


I love the history, the traditions and the gastronomy of the Alsace region which is the native land of my mother.


People say that I have a natural gift for languages! I speak fluently French, English, Castilian Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. 

Guided Tours in Alsace Region

Discover our walking/guided tours in English going with a licensed tour guide

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